Every Friday is

This has become our Friday morning ritual for awhile now.  And I like it.  I like it a lot.  This is what the hubby means when he asks me if I want "the regular"?
  •  Little getting bigger by the day Mama White - frosted cherry, frosted chocolate and one donut hole for the mini.
  •  Papa White [hubby/daddy to be of the year] - donut holes, bear claw.
  •   Baby Girl Pups - share a bag of donut holes while perfecting their tricks (sit, stay, speak, bang, etc).  Rose mostly only cares for "sit".... the other, more complicated tricks she graciously defers to her sister.
And trust me, these girls recognize "Donut Day" and immediately assume this position in the kitchen to get ready to "catch" their donut holes!

[And of course, just after typing this post, an email comes through from "My Fit Pregnancy" about healthy eating throughout your pregnancy.  HUSH IT - Don't you dare try to ruin my Friday].
    Erika and Jason said...

    Love donuts! I had one today. I feel like this may be the reason I have gained 24 pounds in my 28 weeks of pregnancy. Ugh:-)

    Our Happy Married Life... said...

    oh, don't read the my fit pregnancy emails. they don't apply to donut eating. I hear they are working on an email to add "donuts are necessary during pregnancy" :)

    Our Happy Married Life... said...

    haha, you are sweet. i've come to allow myself to realize that dress/pose was like the MOST unflattering thing I could have done. I'm not "tiny" but I'm not as huge as that pic portrays. So, I'll agree with you a little. :) And, the real reason for commenting again, I forgot to wish you a Happy Mother's to be day!

    Lindsay said...

    OMG your dogs are the cutest!!!!
    Love the lab with the bandana...so adorable!!!
    Love donut day!!!! :)

    Jocelyn said...

    haha, how cute are they! Happy Donut day! :)

    Bre said...

    Oh man! I can't remember the last time I had a donut. NOM!

    Channa, Life as a Coaches Wife said...

    I like the sound of donut day!! And how cute are the girls!! Our girl loves donuts too but she can't have any since she has been put on a diet :(

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