Five on Friday Link-Up!

Oh, Friday.... it's good to see your face.  Per our fun summer routine around here, I'm hosting the Five on Friday link-up along with April, Christina and Natasha.  It's basically become my favorite blogging day of the week and I'm blown away every single Friday by all of the great girls joining the link-up..... I've found some really wonderful new blogs!!  If you've already been joining us, then we heart you and hope you link-up again today..... and if this is your first time to link-up, then all of the details are at the bottom of this post!  Let's get to it. :)

-- ONE --
Have you seen this adorable baby shower featured on HWTM?  I can't get over it....  I have a thing for owls, but that's not even what I really love about it.  Such a stunning shower for one lucky momma!

-- TWO --
As I mentioned yesterday, we've been poolin' it a lot this week.  We met up with some sweet friends yesterday and had an absolute blast at their neighborhood pool.  And please, tell me....  is this not the cutest photo you've ever seen of two little minis holding hands.   Gosh they are cute!!!  Jackson, being the wild-man that he is, pretty much owned the frog slide and went down the "big" slide a few times too!  No fear with this one!  Gahhh!
 -- THREE --
It's official.  THIS cute print that I shared on Facebook a few days ago is going to be the next chalkboard design.  I have several in mind, but I keep coming back to this quote.  How very true it is.  ALL I NEED.

 -- FOUR --
Ever since we got back from vacation {oh, how I miss you dreamy beach bed!}, I've been craving shrimp!  I had shrimp tacos every.single.day while there and have become full-fledged obsessed.  I'm hoping to try these shrimp recipes over the next week or two.
[one. two. three.]

 -- FIVE --
This needs to be in my backyard.  Pretty cute, right?

It's this easy::::
{1}  You blog about 5 things.... things that you're loving, things that are on your mind, etc.  Really, any five things --- how easy is that?

{2}  Grab the "Five on Friday" button below so you can link back here {copy the html code and post it into the html view of your post}.

{3}  Join the link-up at the end of this post so you're a part of this little blog hop and get to "meet" other great bloggers (all while a whole lotta new eyes are seeing your blog!).  It's a win, win....right?

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Jess said...

Okay, I'm loving all of your five things! That baby shower, the cute pool pictures and that quote couldn't be truer. Great list. Wish i had gotten my act together for the link up this week, but there is always next week, right?! :) Happy Friday and woohoo for the weekend!

Allison said...

Mmmm... I love a good shrimp recipe! I might have to give those a try, too. And that shower is absolutely gorgeous! Perfect quote, too :)

Jennifer Martinez said...

that picture of the little babes... ahhhh my heart! They are so sweet!

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

That table setting is gorgeous!! Those are the cutest siblings ever!!

lori said...

such a cute picture of the babies! and love that chalkboard sign... the quote is so true.

have a great weekend!

Jenny said...

Love that chalkboard sign too, what a great reminder!!

Brigid O'Malley said...

Hi there!
Found your blog a week or so ago, and I've been making my way through it -- absolutely love it!
Thanks for hosting the link-up! I was looking for some new blogs to check out (and I love the simple, five item list idea for this blog hop).
Thanks again. Happy Friday!

Carrie said...

I pinned that shrimp salad, YUM! And, the deer hose holder is TOO cute!

Skinny Kimmie said...

That IS the sweetest picture!! I love the antler hose holder. And the quote. And everything else you wrote about. :)

Carolina Charm said...

I'll make you a deal. If you move to Charlotte, I'll throw you that baby shower. I won't even make it a requirement for you to be pregnant.

Also, how are you so close to so many amazing pools? My jaw dropped when I saw the picture of J flying out of the slide. All boy, no fear. Love him.

Ever since you posted that print on Facebook I've been on a mission to figure out a way to put it in my house.

Happy (shrimp-filled) weekend! I still have 3 lbs of frozen shrimp in my freezer and am definitely going to be trying some of those recipes this weekend! xo

Natasha said...

that pic collage of the minis is just WAY too sweet!! if they get married one day you can show them all this
and PLEASE hold me back on the cuteness of that owl shower!!!!

Andie said...

now I want tacos for lunch.

we have a freezer FULL of shrimp. We have several shrimp fisherman contacts so when we get low, we drive down to the docks to get more from the fishermen- straight off the boat, fresh as can be. I'm so spoiled because of it!

Katie said...

Can I come over for shrimp tacos? ;) Those are MY FAV!!

Jackson looks like such a big boy going down that slide head first! He is just the most precious little boy!

Love that sign! Coffee + Jesus = the only way to start a day!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

That slide picture is one of my favorites EVER of sweet J! Look at that face!

I'm on a shrimp kick, too. I had the most delicious shrimp salad yesterday that I am going to have to try to recreate! YUM.

Kelsea said...

Okay, our water hose looks terrible compared to this one! I've got to find something like that to spruce it up! I absolutely love shrimp but haven't really had a good recipe as an excuse to get some. We're having guests over tonight for dinner, I may have to give one of these a shot!

amandapoverseas said...

That is an adorable photo of your kids together.
I stumbled on your Five on Friday list last week and was a little late to join so I decided to wait for this week. I actually already had a few drafts that happened to be 5 things to a post so it was cool to find a linkup of people doing the same thing.

Brittney said...

What a perfect shot of J flying out of the slide. He looks like he's having the time of his life! Those shrimp recipes look great, I might have to whip one up this weekend. Happy weekend girl!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

That picture is THE sweetest thing!!

Royal Comer said...

I love that print! And it is so true!
Thanks for the link up!

Brianne Bracco said...

I am pretty sure I will show my husband the hose holder..and it will be a must in our backyard as well haha Happy Friday!

Tiffany || monuments and melodies said...

girl, i love me some good shrimp! especially in the summer!

let's talk about how handsome J is with his comb-over & sweet lil' girl friend! such a dapper dude!

that print out belongs in my house even though i don't drink coffee ;)

have a fabulous weekend, lady!!!

Jenny {jennycollier.com} said...

Those shrimp tacos look amazing. Have been craving shrimp myself lately!

SUPER cute photo of J and his little friend. :)

a boy a girl and a pug said...

Such a sweet picture heading to the pool love it!

Julianne @ Bogs and Bows said...

perfect timing on that slide picture!!
also.. I kind of need that antler hose holder majigger ;)

the girl in the red shoes said...

LOVE that quote and LOVE the deer antler hose holder! That is hilarious!

Fancy Ashley said...

I love that print! I need it somewhere in my house! I need a gold hose. That's amaze. Seriously, I think I am putting it on my birthday list! Ha! Such a sweet pic of J and his little buddy! Dying over him going down the slide headfirst. He and Reagan would seriously have the best time together! She has no fear either! Happy weekend friend! xo, Ashley

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